What's In My Beach Bag

All year round (especially in San Diego) we dream about lounging on the beach under the hot sun. Whether it's Tuesday or Sunday as the Summer Months approach the beach is always on our minds and packing appropriately is crucial. A properly packed beach bag ensures you to fully enjoy your seaside experience.
Below are my some of my beach bag essentials: 
1. The perfect towel. This Billabong Towel is not only cute and trendy it is comfortable. 
2. The Trucker Hat. Essential to keeping that pretty face sun burnt free! 
3. Skin,Hair & Activities. I love Sun Bum as a brand because they have got you covered in all these categories. A sunburn is not in style so make sure you pile on that sunscreen and protect your skin. Protect your hair from the sun as well with Sun Bum's sea spray, this not only gives you UV protection but helps style your hair to give you that perfect beach wave. Looking for some activities on the beach? Throw around a frisbee ;) 
4. Music. A portable speaker is a no brainer! This waterproof speaker from speaqua is my favorite to put a soundtrack to your perfect beach day
5. Hydration! I don't need to tell you how important water is ;-) This water bottle is the best due to the fact is keeps liquids cold for 12+ hrs, crucial for when you're out in the hot sun. After being in the sun all day I love to refresh my lips with Surfer's Salve from Island Soap. 
What are some of your beach bag essentials? Comment down below! 

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